Still life compositions allow us to look at ordinary objects differently. I have been trying to look at things from a fresh perspective and painting these compositions has helped me achieve that.

Having never used oil paints in the real sense, the live brushes by Kyle Webster allowed me to tap into the experience and learn how oil paints interact with each other. 

All illustrations were completely digital using Adobe Fresco on the iPad. 

Live Oil Brushes by Kyle T Webster
Digital Illustration in Adobe Fresco
Reference Photos from Unsplash

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This was majorly completed on a livestream where I explained my process. Watch the replay here or watch the process time-lapse below.

"Orang-in-a Jug"

This was created on a 2 part livestream. Watch the replays - Part 1 | Part 2 or watch the process time-lapse below.

"Two lemons and a glass"

Watch the process time-lapse below.

Thanks for checking out my work!

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