Hello World! 
My name is Anika and I'm a graphic designer from New Delhi, India. I love all things art & design.

I'm interested in brand design, illustration and motion design.

This is a personal rebranding project. The brand identity is a monogram based on my initials, AA.

As a self-taught artist and designer, I always feel like while it is good to have a focused portfolio, it can sometimes leave one feeling restricted — not being able to do what they really love.

In saying that, I focus on graphic design, packaging and illustration.

I believe that all designs should be minimal, versatile and personal — MVPs. This was the primary goal of the project. The identity is simple, clean and easy to remember. 

I started my art and design journey with painting. My first logo was derived off my signature from the paintings. The rebrand is playful but retains the original concept. 

The final logo is based on my initials, AA. I started from scratch and experimented with basic shapes such as circles and squares.

Designing the stationery was a good challenge as I wanted to remain true to a minimal aesthetic while also convey bold design

Anika Aggarwal © 2021 All rights reserved.
Art Direction & Design : Anika Aggarwal

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