For 36 days of type 08, I picked a floral theme, designing each letter with a corresponding flower starting with the letter.​​​​​​​ I used this exercise as a chance to push myself creatively and learn motion in After Effects.
All the vector lllustration was done in Adobe Fresco and the motion in Adobe After Effects
This project was featured in the curated Fresco Gallery on Behance on May 21, 2021.

This project was an exploration to learn how to paint realistic objects in Adobe Fresco. I used the live oil brushes, basic pencil brush for the texture and Big Boy brush from the Spring 2021 pack by Kyle T Webster.
I played with the blend modes to get the realistic reflections on the leaf and water droplets.
This project was featured in the curated Fresco Gallery on Behance on April 26,2021.
I recently had the opportunity of collaborating with Brandon Groce on his livestream on Behance.
Check out the video if you want to learn how to make 3D mockups in Adobe Dimension from scratch and secret tips and tricks for enhancing your design portfolio.
Watch the replay on Youtube
Featured in The Curator Mag’s Weekly Artist Features for Week 4 of September 2020 for my first Wire Sculpture
Check out the feature here
Anika x Lionise
I collaborated with Lionise in their QuarantineAndChill campaign in early 2020. This campaign aimed at inspiring people during the tough times of COVID-19 with art, DIY ideas and tips for beginners in acrylic painting.
In my video, I talk about a few tips and hacks a beginner acrylic artist should adopt to make life simpler and painting more fun.
I also suggest a DIY art idea to up-cycle old sneakers.
Featured on their blog
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