The design as inspired by Greek Mythology. Since the Renaissance, Athena has become an international symbol of wisdom, the arts, and classical learning.
Apollo is the Olympian God of the sun and light, healing and plagues, order and beauty.

Athos is a term coined from Athena and Apollo.

Athos is an exclusive luxurious perfume brand available in three fragrances: rosée du matin, boisé and éclectique. Each variant is carefully packed in an 90ml/3 fl.oz. glass bottle.

In Ancient Greek, the circle was a symbol of divine symmetry and balance. It was symbolic of vitality, wholeness, completion and perfection. Athos was a result of a fascination of naturally occurring aromas and a drive to bring a sense of wholeness to an individual.

The iconic mark is a circular shape which accounts for the balance it brings to the universe. The glyphs in the icon are handwritten letters that are an abstract representation of the Greek circle. 

The workdmark is a sans-serif typeface called Reross Rectangular which folds in beautifully with the circular iconic mark.

Together with these elements and Athos values, the logo elucidates that Athos cares about creating a unique olfactory experience. 

The packaging design is a minimal yet elegant design. It indicates the fragrance and volumetric value of the product along with other necessary details.

The colours are key indicators of the Athos brand design. The blackcurrant, silver rust and taupe grey work well as the base colour for the packaging while the gold, bronze tone and mirage work well with the logo.

Smell fresh like a morning. Rosée du matin evokes the feeling of walking in a garden. It immediately resembles warm seasons, holidays and travel. A timeless fragrance for the glamorous vibrant women that will make for a memorable experience. Perfect for all day wear.

Top Note: Bergamot, Blackcurrant, Lychee
Heart Note: Centifolia Rose, Damask Rose, Geranium
Base Note: White Musk, Cedar, Honey

An ethereal amalgamation of spices and beautiful aromas from peonies and gardenias. An oriental scent that is sure to make a lasting impression and be a permanent part of your personality.

Be eclectic today.

Top Note: Cardamom, Pepper Ginger
Heart Note: Gardenia, Peony, Orange
Base Note: Amber, Sandalwood, Musk

Inspired by the aroma and richness of oak forest, Boisé is unabashedly masculine. The refined notes of oak account for the signature woody, leathery scent. 

Top Note: Hazelnut
Heart Note: Cedar, Oud
Base Note: Oak

Branding and Packaging: Anika Aggarwal

Disclaimer: This work was created to showcase the designer's skill, expertise and talent and will not be used for commercial purposes. All rights reserved. All art, images, designs, and material are copyright of Anika Aggarwal and may not be resold, added to design or any other unauthorized form of distribution or reproduction without express written permission.
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